Starting at the cheap, cheap price of $349, the Division Blitzer BMX is the perfect entry into the 20” world of BMX. Division has made the Blitzer affordable with a list of parts that will last any new BMX rider. Although this bike is built as a BMX, being at this end of the price range naturally the quality is going to replicate the price tag. Fortunately for you, this bike is made of Hi-tensile Steel in the frame fork and bar, Sealed hubs front and back, and much much more.

The obvious pro to this bike is the low price and reasonable quality for money. This bike should be treated as a bridge from your clingy little scooter that has been causing you some serious social status issues; to your new lifestyle as a full-fledged BMX dude. In saying that this bike will not last up to larger/older BMX riders and is more an entry-level bike, as the bike comes with a 19.8 “ tt length to invite the smaller guys to the party. Take this bike for what it is and be assured that you will love it, leading you to your local bike shop to get the latest upgrades is all part of the game. Click here to see a list of specs of the Division Blitzer 20” Bike Available Online or at your local bike store. 


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