When choosing the perfect helmet for you, there are a few main things you should take into consideration. Firstly the size, a helmet should fit snug on your head without moving around too much, this is something we are able to help with if you come in store however if you can't see the attached sizing guide. The strap should be fit so it rest's a centimetre (or so) from your chin when done up. The next thing to take into consideration is if your helmet is hard, Australian certified foam or is it just the helmet padding and a plastic shell? If you are familiar with the Bucky Lasek Helmet that Protect made, this is an example of a helmet that is not certified. All the helmets we sell here at LUXBMX are certified to Australian standards. Lastly, the brand is something that most riders will take into consideration, this is mainly a personal preference as most helmets will offer the same the level of protection as you increase your spend.