Reach and Rise

The reach of the stem is the distance from the center of the steerer tube to the center of the handlebar channel. This distance has an effect on the way your bike will feel as it essentially is lengthening the top tube of your bike. By lengthening the distance to where you hold the handlebars your bike will feel longer. The average reach on most stems is 50mm, with shorter stems 48mm and longer stems 58mm This is an important consideration given the importance of choosing the right length frame. Combined with the stem to make your bike feel perfect for you.

The rise of the stem is just what it sounds like, how high it holds your bars. This is where you would think the difference would be between the front and top load stems. However top load stems can have a lower rise then a front load, and consequently truly turns the purchasing process into more of a brand and aesthetic decision. The average rise for stems ranges between 27mm-32mm, the difference in rise and reach and the combination you choose for your bike ultimately is a personal choice but should be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect bike for you.