$1000 to $1500

You’ve survived your first year of racing and now you’re ready to crank it up a notch or two, and step onto a more serious race rig. These BMX race bikes will have sharper race geometry, more alloy and chromoly (lighter and stronger) components and overall, be a little lighter than the bikes at the entry level. 

Bikes at this level in sizes Expert and smaller will typically have chromoly forks, alloy handlebars and double-walled alloy rims. All spec’d to take the hits of a rider who’s probably jumping, and who’s speed demands a sharper handling, more responsive BMX race bike. Other components like the hubs will have sealed bearings that require little or no maintenance, and provide better dust and water sealing. Brakes too are likely to be of a higher quality. 

Here you’ll also find good quality 24 inch cruiser race bikes. Perfect for mum or dad to get out on and chase the kids down on the track.