Budget - $1500+

If you’ve come straight to this level, then you’re probably upgrading from your first or second race bike that you’ve hammered into the ground whilst learning the craft of BMX racing. Maybe you’re just starting out and want to jump straight into the deep end and onto a high-end race bike. No harm in that. Afterall, in comparison to other bicycle sports, a BMX racing bike is relatively cheap compared to, say, mountain biking. 

At this price point, you’re also looking at complete, ready to go BMX race bikes in the bigger sizes from Expert XL, up to Pro XXXL and into the 24 inch cruiser class. Frame materials are usually a higher quality aluminium, and carbon fibre forks versus chromoly are often spec’d. This is a typical upgrade most racers make to a mid-level race bike. Other upgrades found at this level are disk brakes versus V-brakes and nice touches like internal cable routing. In fact, most parts are of a higher quality reflecting the price and often the bikes have had design input from elite level racers, leading to race focused geometry and a sharper machine all round. One thing you will probably add are a set of clip pedals as all complete race bikes are supplied with flat pedals as the type of clip pedals a rider runs is a very personal preference. See our range of clip pedals here.