$1000 and Under

At this price point, you’re going to get on a bike that will easily handle racing at the club level for the first time racer and would typically be used for the first year/season of racing. You might be looking at some of the club coaching sessions to get your rider ready for some racing or looking for a race BMX bike to ride the local pump track and occasionally the race track. 

A bike at this level and price point will take care of all or the above riding scenarios, but not necessarily will you be skimping on the main frame material, which for our suggestions here, are an all aluminium/alloy frame to keep the overall weight down. If you’re coming from a freestyle and buying a race bike for your little one, they will be featherweight. Forks and handlebars will be hi-tensile steel, or just steel. Wheels will have loose ball hubs with single-walled rims which mean they won’t be as strong as double-walled rims, but are fine for the majority of riders at this level as they won’t be hitting the bigger jumps yet. 


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