Your First Bike

If you’re new to BMX racing and been looking for a race bike for your kids, or yourself, you’ve probably had a look online, or asked around at the BMX club, for info on what bike is the right size. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of great information out there, despite BMX racing being around since the mid to late 70s. Google “bike fit” and you’ll find thousands of websites and plenty of dedicated business for sizing you up for a road or mountain bike. The same can’t be said for BMX race bikes.

LUXBMX in-house race guru Bruce Morris explains below what to look for when buying your first BMX race bike, more importantly, how to size up the right race bike, and in another article, which bike is best for you to start on, or upgrade to. He’s been racing since the start of (BMX) time, but more importantly, coaching riders for over nearly 10 years, and knows a thing or two on race bike fit and set-up. Read on to make sure you choose the right bike.