BMX Tyre Buying Guide

Author: Tim   Date Posted:29 January 2020 

Buying tyres for your BMX bike can be tricky with the slew of tyres that are available on the market. Thickness, compound, folding or non-folding are a few points that should be considered before picking the right tyres for your ride. To make things a little more clear, we have outlined a few things to consider when buying a tyre. 

Perfect guide for getting started in BMX

Freestyle Bmx tyres come in a variety of sizes depending on what style of riding you do. The width or thickness of your tyre refers to the diameter of your tread. Most freestyle bikes will come with a fatter 2.2"-2.4" diameter tyre. The larger diameter helps with traction and balance on your bike. Skinnier 2.1"-2.2" tyres would be more popular for trail riding or BMX racing however, this is freestyle so it's up to you!  Tyres will also vary in weight due to the compounds used to make the tyre and the size /thickness of your tyre. If weight is something you are trying to keep down there are some great lightweight options out there.   


Non-Folding or beaded tyres is the traditional style of tyre. The “bead” of the tyre refers to the wire that sits on either side and joins to the rim. This style of tyre is generally easier to fit but due to the materials used they weigh more than a folding tyre. Folding doesn’t have this wire and therefore is able to be “folded”.  Other than weight, folding tyres are generally thinner and better suited for more ramp/park style riding, whereas non-folding tyres are thicker and better suited for rough terrain or street riding.


Tyres come in all sorts of colours, rubber compounds, sizes and of course price. Tyres can start as low as $23.95 for your basic run of the mill entry-level tyre. These will be beaded tyres that will keep you riding without breaking the bank! At the other end of the spectrum, some pro levels of tyres can cost as much as $84.99, however, these tyres will last you longer, feature better rubber compounds and can be folding or non-folding. Most folding tyres will cost more than beaded tyres. 


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