Strongest Chains for BMX bikes in 2020

Author: Tim   Date Posted:28 January 2020 

Chain Buyers Guide

Buying a chain is usually one of the last things thought about when building up a new bike. As the saying goes “last but not least” the chain among other parts of the drive train is what separates BMX from scootering and therefore is an important part of the bike. Before choosing your next frame read through some things you may not have considered or thought about before. 


⅛ VS 3/32

Depending on the type of BMX bike you ride you will most probably need one of the following sizes of chain for your bike. These sizes refer to the thickness of the sprocket where the chain meets the teeth of the sprocket. For the majority of BMX bikes, the chain will be a ⅛  inch size

Half Link VS Full Link 

Chains come in two different types, Half Link and Full link, half-link chains offer smaller (half) links that are joined. Similar to the pattern of a fish scale half-link chains have less steel per link and therefor offer a stronger design because the pressure is spread across more links. Full link chains are the classic style of chain, tried and trued this style of the chain has been around for years and continues to be used. Several companies offer chains in both full and half link style chains while some stick specifically to one type. As mentioned above Half link chains offer a stronger more durable design as stress is distributed across more links. Half link chains also offer a more adjustable rear end size since the chain can be cut closer to the drop out slamming the chain shortening the back end.Half link chains offer a different look to your bike that can be taken either way and at the end of the day is a personal preference. 


Most bicycle chains are made from plain carbon or alloy steel, but some are nickel-plated to prevent rust. BMX specific chains are no different and are made from similar materials. Some brands have refined their machine process using a proprietary forging machining process to increase strength and durability. Some BX brands have gone as far as to guarantee a lifetime warranty against the chainplates breaking.



Bmx Chains come in a variety of styles and strengths and so they also come in a range of costs starting from $20 to $90. 


Protecting your self from snapping a chain is a pretty important thing and so great consideration should be taken when buying a chain for your BMX bike. Chain maintenance can also help to prolong the life of your Chain, and remember that chains aren't meant to take hits so the way you ride will also influence the strength of chain you will need to make the perfect ride!