The Ultimate BMX headset 2020

Author: Tim   Date Posted:28 January 2020 

Headset Buyers Guide 

Buying a headset might not seem like rocket science however the following guide aims to give you some more to think about before purchasing the perfect headset for your BMX bike. 


Integrated VS Push In

            When Choosing your headset for your new BMX build there are several things to take into consideration. Starting with the style of headset system you’ll be using. BMX bikes use one of either integrated or a push-in system. The majority of freestyle BMX riders will opt for the integrated system. This system holds the bearing ring in an integrated bearing holder built into the frame. A push-in system uses a slightly different system to lock the headset bearings in a place where the bearing is sat over the frame and not integrated into the frame. Most BMX riders will use the integrated system since it offers a more sleek looking design while offering a high-quality system for a reasonable price. 


Sealed VS Loose Ballbearing   

Similar to pedals and bottom brackets, headsets come in both sealed bearing and loose ball bearing options. Each option has it’s own need, some brands do not offer sealed ball bearing headsets while others won’t offer unsealed types. Unsealed ball bearings are cheaper but will only fit certain bike frames due to the way they are fitted to the bike frame. Unsealed bearings are more likely to blow out bearing since each ball is open inside the case. Sealed ball-bearing systems are more durable and require less maintenance due to its design keeping more dirt and dust out of the bearing run. Most headsets for current BMX bike will require sealed 1-⅛ inch headsets. 



When you buy your new headset you will notice all brands will offer a variety of space with each headset. This is to ensure you are able to fit the new headset without needing any other parts. Headset spaces come in a wide range of colors and thicknesses, they can come in different designs, with certain companies over the years offering specialized designs to separate themselves from the rest.



Headsets cost roughly similar across most brands since they all do the same job and majorly the same product with different brands making slight changes to some headset designs. On average headsets cost $30-$45, and come in a variety of colors and styles for this price.       


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