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Author: Mitch  

LUXBMX is hiring!


The LUX team is growing! We're on the lookout for a customer service superstar to join our ranks. If you have a passion for BMX, great people skills and a desire to learn and grow then don't hesitate to apply.


At LUXBMX our goal is simple. We aim to be the best place on Earth that a BMX nerd could possibly work, and to be the premiere destination for riders to source bikes, parts, advice, inspiration and community connection.


Our vision is to share our love of riding bikes with the world, show BMX in its most positive light and leave an everlasting impact on the future of our sport. Our goal is to become the biggest and best BMX company on the planet, hosting world class events, creating superior products and always continuing to innovate while breaking the mould. We’d be stoked to have you along on this ride.

The Job Perks:

  • Above award pay rate
  • Paid ride days: One paid day off a month to go ride your BMX!
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Relaxed non-corporate atmosphere
  • Dog-friendly workplace
  • Staff pricing on BMX bikes
  • Development, education and career growth opportunities

Key Role Responsibilities:
  • Sales and quotation processes
  • Product knowledge and expertise
  • Customer service responsibilities (phone, email and social interactions)
  • Business operation tasks & logistics (liaising with suppliers, freight companies etc.)
  • General administration duties
  • Working with the leadership team to help grow and scale business growth
  • Various other tasks including; help with marketing campaigns, website quality assurance, unboxing products, inventory management, etc


The LUXBMX Core Values

Crashes happen

You don’t always pull off a trick the first time. Accept you’ll crash, dust yourself off and land it. 

Other people crash. Be the person that picks them up and encourages them to try again.
Celebrate and appreciate their wins like you would your own. 

Support the scene

Recognise that without the support of our community we’d be irrelevant. Encourage new and experienced riders alike. Give back and go all in. 


Be part of the crew

Be inclusive, respectful and honest. Respectfully challenge others. Role-model leadership, comradery and purpose. Let empathy and perspective be your guiding principles. 


Put in an extra crank

Be better today than you were yesterday. Accept you’re responsible for your own actions. 

Drive your own motivation, learning and growth and encourage others to do the same.


Be rad. Practice radical honesty

The best teams are the ones that communicate the most effectively. Listen intently and speak your mind. Question actions that don’t fit our values. Don’t be scared to disagree with others. Only say about others what you would say to them in person. Be fast to admit mistakes.

Mitch, Ev and the LUXBMX Team


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