Boyd Hilder

Author: Tim  Date Posted:5 May 2020 

Boyd Hilder 

Photo By Shawn Williams 

Where did you come from?

 Bundy maaate (Bundaberg)

How old are you? 

24 years young 

Which BMX rider (dead or alive) do you admire the most?

Growing up it was always Enerson but now I’ve been watching some older videos I’ve been admiring taj and his rowdy whip gaps 

Best Country or city or town you have traveled to? 

Argh man there’s many to choose from but I’d have to say Japan is up the top for me! Not so much Tokyo because of the crowds but the whole country is so different and has so much sick shit to ride. 

The craziest BMX story (riding/party/anything)? 

Argh man one of my favorites is the Unicorn event in the south of France. So much happened but I’ll try to get the story across. 

To start the event was a little way out of town and from the shops and stuff. They set up a burger truck, icecream/crepe truck, and a brewery tent at the event with free food and booze for riders. Come qualifying day Me and Jason Watts wake up late and miss breaky. We get out to the park around 9am to find the burger truck is gone. So we just survive the day eating a hand full of Nutella crepes hahaha. As the event is dragging out with the amateur riders and their street/best trick/park events Watts and I starting digging into the free beers. It was a super hot day and it all starts to escalate as riders finished qualifiers they would get into the beers. Then we find that the Frenchies are wild and the event turns into a mini-festival. We’re all partying around the bowl and dudes start setting off fireworks in the deep end, lighting the coping on fire and doing over-unders half-naked. By this stage we'd been drinking IPA’s all arvo, Jason starts pouring beer down this mellow bank then gets in his undies and penguin slides full pelt through the crowd and smashes into a metal gate completely melting his shoulder. Anyway, the party went on into the early hours of the morning and we woke up the next day dusty as f%#k, ready for finals haha. In a way, it was a surprise ACT jam but the wild French version. Thanks again Unicorn, Pewie, and Thomas that was one to remember. 


If you didn't ride what would you be doing? 

Who’s knows man, ever since a grom all I could think about was BMX! 

Do you have a day job? 

Yeah currently work in a warehouse for Princess Polly in between trips. Pretty sweet gig, headphones in picking/packing girls clothes, and loading the truck. Keeps me busy and helps me live the dream

If you had to choose one place to ride for the rest of the time, where would it be?

Probably one of the Woodward parks, endless ramps, rails and jumps 

Best BMX moment you have had on your bike? 

It would have to be the whole Nora cup/Battle of Hastings weekend last year. It all builds up from the first time going to the event and breaking my jaw in finals on my very last trick. Moving through to the next year getting chosen on Jase’s team and taking the win, which then gave me the chance to be captain third time around. That then brings us to last year and having so much history at the event already I decided to bring 3 of my favorite Aussie homies. Not so much go for the win, but enjoy this epic fucking weekend of BMX. With that being said the boys all ripped we made finals and that night before finals ended up getting Nora cup readers choice for the year. Stoked out of mind with all my homies around enjoying the night we had to wrap it up earlyish to ride finals the next day. Finals come around and we scape together some runs and get 4th overall and all the guys got some cash. Following that a little cherry on top I won the monster best trick on the wallride. Pretty much the best BMX weekend I could ever ask for coming from the same skatepark that gave me the worst injury of my life. 

Photo by Eisa Bakos 


If you could do one trick only for the rest of time, what would it be? 

Maybe just manuals so I could just float around a bowl and link some lines 

If you had to listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life what would the soundtrack be? 

Mac Miller GO:OD am , 

J.Cole Forest hills drive

 Gang Starr Moment of Truth

What’s the most influential BMX DVD you have watched?

 Anthem 2 

What was your favorite section on that DVD? 

Mike Aitken for sure! Pegless stalls and buttery riding all the way through 

Finally, Did you ever think picking up that bike all those years ago would have turned into a life long obsession? 

Never would have thought it would have taken me this far but throughout the years I never saw myself doing anything else. 


Thanks to all my sponsors, Federal, Vans, Dickies Odyssey, S1helmets, and LUXBMX, my mum for supporting me and my riding forever. Plus my girlfriend for putting up with me and all my trips.