Jack Elkins

Full name? Jack Elkins.

Nicknames? Jelkins.

Age? 22.

Years riding? 9ish.

Local park? Paddo!

Favourite tricks? Changes a lot but; pegs hard 180s, bars and nose manuals..

Favourite riders? Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, Max Gaertig, Benn Pigot.

Favourite food? Philly cheese steaks.

Sponsors? Fit Bike Co and LUXBMX.COM!

Instagram? @jackelkins__


Odyssey Pivotal Seat Post

25.4mm x 200mm
25.4mm x 300mm

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Vee Presta Valve Tube

24x1.40 40mm
24x1.40 60mm
20x1.00 40mm
20x2.00 60mm
24x1-3/8 60mm
20x1-3/8 60mm
24x1-1/8 60mm
20x1-1/8 60mm
20x1.50 60mm

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Eclat AMP Inner Tube (Pair)


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