Michael Vockenson


Where did you come from? 

Me mum


How old are you? 



Which BMX rider (dead or alive) do you admire the most?

 Dudes that go in, don't take things too seriously and who value modesty - your classics like Stricker, Homan, Aitken to some modern day examples like Chris Childs, Jordan Hango


Best country or city or town you have travelled to? 

Haven't been around all that much, Berlin was obviously amazing and a big difference to Australian culture being my first trip to Europe. Otherwise, I always look forward to going to Adelaide for the crew, and have had a couple really fruitful trips to Perth previously


The craziest BMX story (riding/party/anything)? 

Meeting Nyquist and Mirra in NZ when I was younger was surreal, still seems weird that it happened. And then getting to hang out with Nyquist again in 2016 at the Vans pro cup thing after a bunch of us pressured him to come out for a beer - and then to see him walking up to the pub, nuts


If you didn't ride what would you be doing?

 How can you ever know? Obviously something different, but it's nice to hypothesise that your inner essence would seek similar feelings and make decisions based on similar motives despite BMX as the driver being absent. BMX gives so much though it's hard to know what would ever replace it


Do you have a day job? 

Jah mon


If you had to choose one place to ride for the rest of the time, where would it be? 

Mooloolah skate park


Best BMX moment you have had on your bike? 

Any number of experiences, being on a roadtrip with mates and finishing up a day full of sky high vibes with more sky high vibes sitting around a fire at night


If you could do one trick only for the rest of time, what would it be?

 X manual I guess


If you had to listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life what would the soundtrack be? 

  • The Shins 'Oh Inverted World', 

  • Sleestack'z 'Behind The Iron Curtain',

  •  Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'


What’s the most influential BMX DVD you have watched? 

Little Devil - 'Criminal Mischief'


What was your favourite section on that DVD? 



Finally, Did you ever think picking up that bike all those years ago would have turned into a life long obsession? 

Obvs not


Thank yous? Thank you?