Wilton Hedley


Wilton Hedley

Wilto Jugged up for 2018 Act Jam 

Where did you come from?

Brisbane- Albany Creek and Stafford local early on, but Fairfield for the most part. 

How old are you?


Which BMX rider (dead or alive) do you admire the most?

 Fwwaaarrrr, that’s a real tough one.  But for the Answers sake I would have to say, Matt Hoffman or Steve Crandall. For Matt Hoffman to reach the career heights riding wise and reach such a massive audience that he has (he was on Jackass AND had his own video games man) Then to remain so legit and in touch, never becoming a tacky version of himself is truly awesome and bmx is lucky to have had someone like him.

 Then, Crandall man, M*therF*ckin FBM!!FBM epitomized what fascinated me about bmx when I was growing up and he really shaped the bmx I fell in love with.   I really respect guys that never lose touch, especially over a long period of time like those guys.I gotta put Nyquist in here too, after sharing the moments those few of us did with him in Sydney a few years ago, he is legit.

Wilton Blasting Hibiscus park in Brisbane. Photo by Mitch Wood. 

Best Country or city or town you have traveled to?

Ahh, that is a broad question, I can't say ‘best’, but I really enjoyed Berlin last year riding and culture-wise, Love Nimbin, Jindabyne, Childers, Margaret River in Australia, but there are so many more. 


The craziest BMX story (riding/party/anything)?

Living in the bmx houses Christensen street with Pollard and Kluver and Dulwich with the Milners and everyone else that frequented, those were crazy times and whoever was around knows, I would have to write a book to fully explain just one good story.


If you didn't ride what would you be doing? 

I think I would probably be even more balls deep in the Trucking industry and working every minute I could. that’s if I wasn’t riding now if I never found BMX I would be a wreck I reckon.


 Do you have a day job?

Heavy Diesel Mechanic, love it most of the time


If you had to choose one place to ride for the rest of the time, where would it be?

Nimbin or the trails, at least then it may be the same place but you can always make it different.

Wiltons trusted tempered night-child frame. 

Best BMX moment you have had on your bike? 

Hawwww man, too many!Any ride where I get ’that’ feeling of stoke. that is the best. Good jams or a premier bring it too, Or anytime I have done something and other people have gotten psyched, that rules!!


If you could do one trick only for the rest of time, what would it be?

 Lame answer but just riding comfortably and confidently, if I can ride a set of trails or a bowl or even the streets for that matter, where I feel good for the rest of time that is the go.


If you had to listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life what would the soundtrack be?

Sleep - Dopesmoker

OM - Conference of the Birds

Lizzard Wizzard (brisbane) - Total War Power Bastard

that answer will change weekly haha

What’s the most influential BMX DVD you have watched? 

I can’t pick one, too many have influenced me at different phases throughout my life in BMX.

John Youngs; Steadfast issue 2

Metal Bikes; Deadbang

Little Devil; Criminal Mischief,

Mutiny; Let's get mystical,

Creedence Bikes; Feel My Chest Muscles I am a Trails Builder,

2020; That's What’s Up, 

The Crispy’s get me stoked too.

Wilton taking a leap of faith off the roof while filming for Aeterna. Photo by James Hornsby. 

What was your favorite section on that DVD? 

In order of DVD

Benn Pigot,

Jimmy Levan,

Van Homan,

Matty Aquizap,

Mike Vockenson,

All of them.

Finally, Did you ever think picking up that bike all those years ago would have turned into a life long obsession?

No, but god damn I am glad it did!!!



To all my mates that motivate me and make me happy, thankyou Vocko for filming me and making me look good for all these years, really appreciate that. 

Mitch and Ev for liking me even though I was a crazy kid and supporting me with LUX,

Chris and Liiv for putting in the work with Tempered and giving Aus an exciting company.

 The People that Made 2020 and Focalpoint bmx magazines, you guys shaped a whole generation of bmxers. Cheers !!