Will Frasier

Nickname: Willzy
Area of Expertise: Packing orders in wearhouse
Hometown: Brisbane
Favourite Trick: Either crank flips or 180bars
Riding Influences: Lewis Mills, Boyd Hilder and Mike Aitken
LUXBMXpert Since: 2021

Most Memorable BMX Adventure

Vans Pro Cup! It's so fun with all the Amazing riding and skating, the vibes are unreal and it's an awesome experience. I love everything about it like the road trips and just messing around at the event! It's such a sick time with everyone being in one place all because we ride bikes, 

Current Whip

Federal Perrin Frame, Federal Complete wheels, Federal 22 Forks, Federal Command Tyres, Federal Command Tyres, Federal Logo Seat, Federal vice cranks. It's solid AF!