Missing the mid 2000's? The squeak of your clear brake pads, the sweet feeling of pulling a skid down your neighbor's driveway. Our Brake selection consists of the best Brakes & Accessories available.  LUX BMX has all angles covered when it comes to stopping in style. From Calipers, Levers, Cables, Gyro's, Mounts, Pads to Full Kits in all of your favorite brands...  Don't forget to reach out if you're unsure of the perfect Brake set up for your new ride- HELP@LUXBMX.COM


Top Sellers

Odyssey Gyro G3 Upper Cable


From $19.99

Odyssey G3 Gyro Kit


From $29.99

Odyssey Gyro Plate


From $9.99

WeThePeople Universal Brake Mount Kit

2018 or Older
2019 (P3)

From $44.99

RRP $119.99
RRP $98.99 -40%

Eclat Sniper Brake Lever

2 Finger
1 Finger

From $42.99

RRP $89.99 -11%