LUXBMX stocks the largest range of Plastic, Metal, and Dual compound Pedals with both fixed and removable pin systems to suit all types of riders. Keep your feet on the pedals with all the best brands in BMX including Animal, Odyssey, Colony and many more. Don't slip a foot again and shop online today! 

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Top Sellers

RRP $149.99 -13%

Fit Mac Plastic Pedals


From $29.99

RRP $54.99 -45%

Odyssey Triple Trap Pedals

1/2 1pc Crank
9/16 3pc Crank

From $49.99

Salt Junior PC Pedals


From $27.99

SD CNC V2 Junior/Expert Pedal


From $159.99

RRP $168.99

Kink Senec Pedal

From $41.99

RRP $59.99 -30%

MKS Bear Trap Pedals

1/2 1pc Crank
1/2in for 1pc cranks

From $59.99

RRP $69.99 -14%

VP747 Bear Trap Pedal

9/16 3pc Crank

From $29.99

Haro Lineage Sealed Alloy Pedals

9/16 3pc Crank

From $129.99

Salt Alloy Slim Pedals


From $37.99

RRP $44.99 -16%