Custom Race Wheels

LUXBMX has forged a reputation for building killer wheelsets over the past decade, with the #LUXLAB regularly pumping out high-end race wheelsets for racers all over Australia. Lately, more often than not, these builds have been based upon ONYX hubs and laced with titanium spokes to carbon fibre rims. But it's not all top end gear, we have you covered at the budget end of the spectrum as well for when you are looking to upgrade your first race bike's wheelset to something faster and lighter. 

Racing is all about performance, and the LUXBMX team of experts can work within your budget so that your custom wheelset ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting you onto the podium instead of being moto'd. We'll recommend the strongest, or lightest setup depending on the racer we're build the wheels for. From Mini wheelsets, up to Pro wheelsets, we can source, then build your dream wheels.  

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