Redline RL20 II Prostyler Frame Kit / California Red
Redline RL20 II Prostyler Frame Kit / Hazard Radberry

Redline RL20 II Prostyler Frame Kit

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Redline RL20 II Prostyler Frame Kit / California Red

Redline RL20 II Prostyler Frame Kit / Default Title

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Limited Edition Redline RL20 II Prostyler Frame Kit

Hold on to your hats!  This is almost too amazing to believe... One of the greatest BMX products of all time is being recreated by it's original craftsman.  These completely authentic Redline RL20 II Pro Styler Frame, Fork, and Handlebar kits are the real deal and a legit reissue built by “THE’ Linn Kastan! 

Designed by Redline founder and Chief Engineer Linn Kastan, the legendary Redline RL 20 II Pro Styler set new standards for style and innovation in the escalating 80s freestyle scene. Kastan's vision for product design delivered an uncompromising specification born from his unique understanding of Chromoly steel manufacturing.

Selected are the three most iconic color combinations from within the first two model years of the RL 20 II; Hazard Yellow and Radberry from the 1985 line-up, and California Red, from 1986. Using the original engineering drawings for tolerances and modeled on an original 1985 RL 20 II frame, fork, and handlebar from Linn Kastan's archive, this limited-edition project oozes authenticity. It brings the most celebrated product designer in the history of BMX face-to-face with arguably his greatest creation. Kastan produces this limited-edition reissue for an estimated delivery mid 2021.

One hundred of each color is produced for sale in the United States, Europe, and Asia. An additional 100 packages, split equally between the three colors, are produced for New Zealand and Australia.

Each package includes the following items:

  • A full Chromoly Redline RL 20 II Replica frame and fork set built to original 80s specification.
  • A set of Redline Forklifter Freestyle handlebars built to original 80s specification.
  • A replica Redline Forklifter number plate. An era-original Forklifter plate was referenced for measurements, features, specifications, and the creation of the mold.
  • A limited edition 44T aluminum, Redline Flight X sprocket.
  • A serialized Redline Pilots Manual.

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