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Author: Bruce Morris   Date Posted: 1 March 2018  

BMX Race Helmet – Buy one that fits right.

Without doubt your helmet one of the most important pieces of your race kit, it’s one area that any rider or parent shouldn’t skimp on and yet we are still amazed that helmets pop up on second hand sites for sale. Not only does the mere thought of sticking your head into someone else’s sweat pit kind of leaves us nauseous, you have no idea if that helmet has taken a big hit prior to you buying it, leaving you vulnerable to a potential head injury from just a small off. Most manufactures recommend replacing a helmet after a  big crash, and so do we.

Luki J - 100% all the way 

At LUXBMX we sell a range of helmets for a range of budgets and even those helmets at the bottom end of the price spectrum will protect your head better than a ill-fitting second hand helmet. Not only does the correct fitting helmet protect you better, your range of vision isn’t compromised and as coaches, the first thing we often do with new riders in our sessions is push up their peak and then check the fit of the helmet. Too big a helmet and it’ll slip down over the rider’s race obscuring their vision, plus it will move too much in a crash. Or come off completely!

100% Status in camo and in youth sizes

We stock the 100% Status helmet and it carries a few features that we really think makes it a perfect BMX race helmet. One of those is that the Youth range actually has a smaller shell, rather than just extra thick lining and padding, plus the helmet comes in at just 1 kilogram. Lessing the strain on young rider’s necks.

Click here to see you full range of race helmets.

Going to happen one day... 



Author: Bruce Morris   Date Posted: 7 March 2018  

Balance – A New Approach to BMX Coaching and Mentoring

Centenary Plains BMX Club is set to host a BMX event that will draw upon a pool of talent and will collaborate in an Australian first to bring the riders of Queensland an unprecedented depth of BMX knowledge and wisdom. The end goal is to provide high-level coaching and mentorship on the day for riders as well as cement their love of riding BMX.

The coaching/mentoring line-up looks like this.

  • Connor Fields – Olympic Gold Medallist 2016, (USABMX) Pro Champion 2017
  • Warwick Stevenson – UCI World Champion 2004, (USABMX) Pro Champion 2001/2003
  • Khalen Young – Olympian London 2012, (USABMX) Pro Champion 2008
  • Tony Harvey – 2000 Elite National Champion
  • Jamie Gray – 2003 Elite National Champion
  • Trent Jones – Olympian Rio 2016
  • Brett Scruse – Multiple National Titles, 2 X World Titles

Connor Fields - CF11​

The coaching/mentoring group is drawn together by event organiser Sean Dwight, his experiences have spanned 4 decades on the domestic and international BMX circuit, Sean like the group associated has witnessed firsthand more major changes in the sport than any other generation. The collaborative experience of this group creates the opportunity to pass on this knowledge to stimulate growth and longevity.

Connor Fields with coach Sean Dwight

This event itself is aimed at younger riders split into two groups, 8 to 12 and 13 to 16 with the first group’s session in the morning and the older group in the afternoon. The Centenary Plains BMX precinct houses a newly opened pump track which will be utilised along with the BMX track to give the riders exposure to a wider riding environment. Technical aspects of BMX riding will be covered in separate sessions in each group, including an opportunity for parents of the riders to connect with the coaches in a Q&A session which will allow them to draw upon the experience of the coaching group and learn about the history of the sport in Australia.

Interspersed throughout the day will be a “Ride IN2 BMX” day that will give the opportunity for potential new BMX racers to witness what the sport has to offer. We will encourage the camp’s participants to connect with the new riders during the break between the two groups to spread the word about how awesome BMX is and what it has done for them. The participants of this side of the event will also have the opportunity to meet 2016 Olympic Gold Medallist Connor Fields. People who sign up on the day as a new Centenary Plains’ member will have the chance to win a Redline MX Expert race bike courtesy of Redline Australia.

Colony BMX Brand and LUXBMX will host a freestyle jam session on the day showcasing what free riding and flow truly means. Wade Bootes, Cycling Australia’s National BMX Technical Director will be keeping an eye on proceedings with the UCI's Freestyle App being launched to the wider freestyle community in a test of its ability to highlight grassroots riders. 

Whilst the event is focusing on coaching and mentoring of young riders, the event’s organisers hope to show the BMX community that we can work and learn from all disciplines of BMX riding.

Camp Information - click flyer below or:

Register on OSM -  Click here.


p. 0419 960310

Warwick Stevenson and Kyle Bennett

Khalen Young representing Australia at the 2012 London Olympics




Author: LUXBMX   Date Posted: 26 February 2018  


The first round of BMX Australia’s national series in Penrith NSW saw the Chase/LUXBMX team make its debut on a hot weekend of racing in western Sydney in late February. Bringing together riders from Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the team was housed under Elite Cycle Imports (Chase Bicycle’s Australian distributor) corporate set up for the first time which gave the riders a area to chill out, and the rider’s families a chance to meet each other.

A brand-new team to the Australian race scene, the Chase/LUXBMX partnership was pulled together in a short time frame at the end of 2017 after Gary Brookes from Elite Cycle Imports (ECI) met with Chase’s Christophe Leveque and Pete Dylewski, along with Aussie coach Sean Dwight at the USA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma to discuss forming a team. Partnering with Aussie BMX icon retailer, LUXBMX, the idea was to create a team that would foster rider development, mentorship and generate results through harmonious reationships. The 8-rider roster is made up of four riders that were already part of a existing ECI Chase team, and four riders coached by Sean Dwight, all brought under the one umbrella to form the Chase/LUXBMX Team.

The weekend was an outstanding success for the team, not only for the wins and podiums, but also for the chance the riders and families had to meet each other. After the introductions, there was an immediate feeling that this was a group of people that all shared the same vision of BMX, with high achieving athletes hanging out together in a supportive environment. With only a couple of the riders directly competing against each other to add a little spice. No egos, just acknowledgement of each other's performance and ability, and a fair bit of Aussie humour to keep the nerves at a containable level. The team immediately gelled as a unit and the results flowed by the end of racing Sunday.

By the end of the weekend the results sheet read:

Max Cairns – Elite: 2nd

Izaac Kennedy – Jr Elite: 1st

Ashlee Miller - Jr Elite: 2nd

Shannon Petre – 15 Girls: 1st

Wade Turner – Elite: Semi

Dean Patch – 35+ Masters: 5th

Phobe Wallen – 16 Girls: Hit the deck and the ER room.

Harvey Brooks – 8 Boys: 2nd

Straight after this round, both Max Cairns and Izaac Kennedy flew out to the US for 2 months of training and riding with Chase Bicycles team rider Connor Fields, while the rest of the team will be competing at the national championships in March. Both ECI and LUXBMX can’t wait to take this show on the road and are looking forward to an incredible 2018.



Author: Bruce   Date Posted: 22 December 2017  


Two major forces of Australian BMX have partnered to form a new race team for 2018 and beyond. Australian Chase Bicycles Distributor Elite Cycle Imports, and Brisbane bike shop LUXBMX have a long-established business relationship, with ECI supplying the shop with various brands stretching back to the opening of LUX in 2010. Established as a freestyle shop, LUXBMX decided to go “racing” in 2017 with a philosophy of reconnecting freestyle to racing like it was in the beginning and immediately struck a chord with the race community off the back of the enviable reputation already built by LUX owners, Mitch Wood and Evan Jaques.

LUX has supported riders from the beginning and currently have a killer team roster that includes a couple of ex-racers carving up the freestyle world; and they were itching to add racers to the line-up. It was through a connection between LUXBMX race program manager Bruce Morris and world-renowned BMX coach Sean Dwight, that sparked a conversation with ECI owner Gary Brookes about combining many years of BMX racing experience to form a team. Elite Cycle Imports also has a long history of supporting riders and teams in Australia since 1997 from its conception and continues to distribute some Quality Race BMX Products, Brookes is as excited as the riders to be involved. Thus, the Chase/LUXBMX team was created.

Speaking of riders, the first four riders on the roster below are mentored by Sean Dwight and one of the cornerstones of the team’s philosophy is that of personal development, with as much emphasis placed upon it as all other aspects of the training program. Dwight, amongst many of his other world class achievements, took Connor Fields to a gold medal and Alise Post to a silver medal at the 2016 RIO Olympics, he will be a huge asset to the team.

Following the first four riders are a collective of Victorian racers that ECI was already supporting under the Chase banner, with new comer Phoebe Wallen rounding out the gate of 8 riders. Anyone following Australian BMX racing over the past several years will read the list and recognise the names immediately, having either seen them on podiums around the country, or result’s lists from races like the recent USABMX Grands. An enviable line-up of depth and potential.

Underpinning the team is the support of Chase Bicycles owner, Christophe Leveque and team manager, Pete Dylewski. Brookes and Dwight met with Leveque and Dylewski  at the recent USABMX Grands to discuss the formation of a national Australian Chase team and were onboard immediately, recognising that the potential of the team and its association with Dwight would see the Chase brand’s profile lifted even higher here in Australia. In addition, Sean’s relationship with Christophe and other key industry people, along with his professionalism and experience provides an opportunity for the riders to tap into the broader BMX world beyond Australia, elevating their racing development and ultimately providing long-term sustainability in the sport.

Congratulations to the riders listed below and all the success in the upcoming 2018 race season.


Chase/LUXBMX team line-up

·   Max Cairns (Elite Men) – VIC     

·   Izaac Kennedy (Junior Elite Men) – QLD 

·   Ashlee Millar (Junior Elite Women)  – NSW   

·   Shannon Petre (15 Years Girls) – QLD                                  

·   Dean Patch (45-49 Men) - VIC

·   Wade Turner (Elite Men) - VIC

·   Phoebe Wallen (16 Year Girls) - VIC

·   Harvey Brooks (7 year Boys) – VIC


Team Manager Bruce Morris





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