Carbon BMX Race

LUXBMX is at the cutting edge of race technology and has a wide range of carbon BMX race gear from frames, forks, bars and rims. Plus some of the smaller parts like brake levers to shave the most weight you can from your race steed. Carbon frames and parts from brands like Speedco, Chase, Redline, GT and Box Components are all available from the fastest Australian online BMX store.

Top Sellers

RRP $178.99
RRP $479.99 -10%

TSquared Carbon Rim

406 25mm / 36h / Front
451 25mm / 36h / Front

From $299.99

RRP $239.99

Avian Venatic Carbon Rim - 20x1-3/8in

28H Front
28H Rear

From $479.99

RRP $499.99

Avian Versus Youth Fork 20in

10mm 1in Steerer

From $499.99

Speedco Velox Carbon Pro Frame

Pro XL-L 21TT
Pro 20.5TT
Pro XXL 21.75TT

From $1,849.99

Stay Strong Carbon Rims

24 x 1.75
20 x 1.3/8th
20 x 1.75

From $898.99

RRP $899.99

Avian Venatic Carbon Rim - 24x1-3/8in

28H Front
28H Rear

From $479.99

RRP $499.99

Redline Flight V3 Carbon Frame (2019)

Pro XXL/21.7
Pro XL/21

From $1,449.99

RRP $1,699.99 -15%

Speedco Velox Carbon Youth Frame

Expert XL 20TT
Expert 19.25TT

From $1,849.99

Avian Venatic Carbon Rim - 20x1.75in

36H Front
36H Rear

From $479.99

RRP $499.99