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S&M Bikes is considered to be one of the first "rider owned" BMX companies and was founded in 1987. S&M produces American-made BMX components from their factory in Santa Ana, California. S&M continues to raise the bar with product development, refinement and advancement of their frames, forks and parts, produced in their own in-house manufacturing facility.


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Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 6 February 2016  

Gav dropped in to put the finishing touches on his S&M Tiki frame build. These are as rare as rocking horse poop so it was awesome to see and build one up in the flesh! The S&M Tiki ATF frame was a very limited Hawaiian edition model and has been known to sell for ludicrous amounts online. What makes this one special is that it's been builtt up to shred on. Hell yeah Gav!

S&M Tiki Frame built

Frame: S&M Tiki Hawaiian Edition LTF Frame

Forks: S&M OG Pitchforks

Bars: S&M Slams

Stem: Fit S4 Rasta

Headset: Odyssey Pro

Wheels: Revenge Industries

Tyres: Odyssey Aitken

Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand

Cranks: S&M Albert Street

BB: Odyssey

Sprocket: S&M Tuffman

Chain: Shadow Interlock V2

Seat: S&M Stealth

Post: S&M Stealth

Clamp: Odyssey Mr Clampy Too

Brakes: Odyssey Evo II Brake Kit

S&M Tiki Frame detail

S&M Tiki Frame online

S&M Tiki Frame headtube

S&M Tiki Frame Hawaiian Edition BMX