Surviving Isolation with BMX

Author: Tim   Date Posted:1 April 2020 

What's next? Surviving COVID19 isolation

With all the uncertainties and perceived restrictions currently facing us, even day to day life can become a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you maintain your sanity:

Pre Corona Virus Shut Down. The boys out cruising, looking for spots in Adelaide. 

Photo: Mikey Moore.  

Follow the guidelines and stay safe

While skateparks around Australia are now closed, there is nothing to stop you going for a ride with a friend, or your kids around the local neighbourhood as long as you adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Pedalling around is still a form of exercise which at this stage is still allowed. Listening to the W.H.O and practising social distancing is going to be a strange thing for many BMX riders that love having that session with your crew some times 10-20 deep. However it is times like these, adhering to these guidelines will have a positive outcome, but for now, we need to learn to adjust. Listening to the news every day can sometimes mislead us when there are so many bits of information coming in. So stick to one credible source and stay up to date. With things changing daily this can be tough but hopefully, with all the extra time at home, you should be able to get some study in.  

Before the parks Shut, Cody Pollard Roasting Fairfield Bowl. Cody has been self-isolating 8 feet above the coping all around the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

Photo: Alex Hiam  

Embrace the simple things.

While there are guidelines and restrictions put in place to keep us safe, you are still free to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding your bike. Remember the very first time you got your first set of wheels and rolled around your front yard. When you first set up a makeshift launch ramp. Isolation can be the catalyst for creativity in your own surroundings, maybe you will look at something right in front of you in a different light. Using that childish imagination with your bike can be a great way to spend a day. Building something from nothing can be rewarding, not to mention will give you something sick to ride during these weird times. Take a walk around the block, got for a big pedal, look for spots, and take some time to reflect. These times are weird so don't forget about the simple stuff that we might have fallen out of touch with. Above all listening to the health warnings and taking them seriously will get us through this sooner than later.


Get down and personal with your bike.


Now is the perfect time to get your setup rolling sweet. Since you might not be dealing out the usual abuse to your bike, it could be a good time to dial everything in. Freshening up some of the smaller parts on your bike can make all the difference to how it feels. Try replacing your tyres, grips, pegs and pedals all at once, I promise you’ll thank me later. You can also use his time to learn about how your bike works. From the intricacies of the wheels and hubs to the bold frames forks and bars. Everything on your bike has been built with specific geometries and materials for a reason. Learn about what your bike set up is tailored too and make sure you're riding the right bike for you. LUXBMX has a bike sizing guide that can help get you started about the ins and outs of your BMX bike.  

  Get those parts sorted with LUXBMX and online shipping. Fully supporting the guidelines administered by the government and Health Organisations.

Be kind

While the COVID-19 virus may feel like it doesn’t directly affect most of us, we are all in this together and we need to be considerate of others in this time. This isn’t just referring to causing a scene over poo tickets, this means being courteous at the shops, standing an extra metre from people in lines. Practising good hygiene and washing hands, using sanitiser and not shaking hands. All these things that we have become so used to need to change and our attitudes with it. Looking after the community around us will get us through these odd times. Remember that everyone has been going through a lot with job lossES and new social guidelines starting to show their ugly heads. It’s important to remain understanding of everyone's situations during this time.


Reach out to friends

BMX makes the world a smaller place, and with the entire world facing the same challenges you are, there is no better time to connect with riders from around the globe. Sharing our stories, and listening to other people’s perspectives makes us realise that we are not alone. Get involved with the social media challengers, read some old BMX mags, watch some old BMX videos. Set up a sweet set up in your yard or footpath and make it work. Get your to bike dialled, edit old clips and be patient. This little bit of time in our lives that seem chaotic will end at some point. The world will return to normal, so stay positive, chat with your mates and make sure they are coping just the same as you. Adapting to these situations shows great character and perseverance, which are similar attributes that we have all learned riding BMX.

The boys chilling out after a big day in the streets. 


Last but not least, take a moment for yourself.