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Product Spotlight - Eclat 'Void' Seat

You there! Are you looking to freshen up your bike? Perhaps some new parts are in order, maybe from a French BMX company with simplicity and attention to detail at its core? Maybe you wish to run a seat that is designed, tested and backed by one of the most elite freestyle bikers of the day? Yes, maybe, no? Whatever your response, we think it's worth taking the time to appreciate the latest product offering from French BMX perfectionists Eclat, being the Jordan Godwin signature 'Void' seat. 

Fresh on the floor of the LUXBMX Store is this new seat featuring hand-drawn artwork from Jordan himself, coming in fat and slim options with 3M reflective print, a reinforced nose section as well as the exclusive Eclat designed pivotal seat base. Take your pick from classic black or tidy grey options, each improved with a robust leather outer and contributing a mere 338 grams to the weight of your bicycle. 

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While Jordan prefers a slim option, slammed to the hilt (circa 2006), others may take a liking to the fatter option which can act to provide a more comfortable ride as well as improved security when taking your hands off the handlebars for all manner of trickery. 

Having tested the seat for approximately 6 months, Jordan was able to certify the durability of the seat as well as hone his artwork to accompany the seat and really hammer that personal touch that Eclat does so well. 

Jordan Godwin and his signature Wethepeople 'Doomsayer' frame accompanied by his signature 'Void' seat - taken from a 2022 DIGBMX interview

For proof of Jordan's skills as an artist and a biker, you are obligated to watch the following video wherein Jordan casually sets fire to everything in his path. You can catch a glimpse of the 'Void' seat in action as below:


If you're hyped on quality BMX brands doing great things, including supporting their team, then settle in as there is more to offer. Now you have your fresh seat loaded up, let's look to the front of the bike with the handlebars. Again taking the collaboration route, this time with Éclat pro Lewis Mills and his signature 'Controller' bars. 

The 'Controller' bar duo, sleek as a panther.

Lewis is Australian born and bred and someone who we have the utmost admiration and respect for. No doubt Eclat have taken a similar position in adding Lewis to their exclusive pro team and now gifting him with a signature collaboration. Having been on the Eclat team for a number of years, Lewis was able to sample their handle bar range, giving him a unique position in being able to design an improved alternative. So what did he come up with? Well, the 'Controller' bars, which are a mix of the 'Dive' and 'Morrow' bars, coming in black and chrome with tidy geometry to the order of 9.5" & 9.75" in rise and 29.5" in width. 

The black selection of the 'Controller' bar, focussed in on the killer graphics.

These bars are tough in the rights spots and influenced by Lew's desire for simplicity. The product also boasts clean and simple graphics inspired by Lew's love for painting, the red text comprising a brush stroke aesthetic. Further specifications include fully heat-treated seamless 4130 chromoly tubing at 7/8" butting, an 11 degree backsweep and 2 degree upsweep. 

For visual proof of 'Controller' bars in action, we're greeted with the following videos as Lew speaks to the process around designing and riding the bars and then in the second video, puts them to work. 



Lastly, for a 'bang for buck' selection, you would do well to inspect and upgrade the accessory that connects your bike with the pavement, the humble tyre! So what do you look for when you purchase a tyre, what makes a tyre good? Let's once again default to the brilliance of Eclat and their 'Morrow' tyre collaboration with highly influential BMX pro, Ty Morrow. 

Having been around at the top level since at least 2008 (check out Ty's section in the classic video 'Endsearch'), Ty rides hard and has a deep understanding of BMX and thus demands the best quality products. The process to deliver the now highly sought after 'Morrow' tyre comprised several months of testing, revisions and pouring over tiny details, with Ty taking a perfectionist approach to designing an incredibly grippy, durable as hell, high quality product. 

Ty Morrow's 2023 setup, including the 'Morrow' tyre in white/gumwall. Image taken from The BMX Dude website

The trio of 'Morrow' tyres in all their glory.

Further solidifying this tyre as one of the best available, know that Eclat chose to work with one of the best tyre manufacturers in the world, focussing on a tread pattern that masters grip, high-quality rubber which is prepared to withstand large pressures and finally, balanced out as a surprisingly light product. 

The tyres come in 2.4" width, are pressure rated to 100PSI, comprise a reinforced sidewall, weigh in at 700grams (1.54lbs) and are available in black, white/gumwall, tan/gumwall and black/gumwall. 

Check out the below promotional video showcasing the 'Morrow' trye, as put together by Calvin Kosovich. 


All these products, the 'Void' seat, the 'Controller' bar and the 'Morrow' tyre are all available from the LUXBMX online store now, simply click on BMX Parts. Get up online now and click around, the website is packed full of the latest parts, best deals and technical tips to keep you rolling.