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Kink Pump 14 Inch Bike (2023)
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Radio Zuma 14 Bike
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A silver Fit Misfit 14 Inch Bike (2023) / Caiden Cernius Signature on a white background. A silver bmx bike with a chain on it, featuring the Fit Misfit 14 Inch Bike (2023) / Caiden Cernius Signature.
Fit Misfit 14 Inch Bike (2023) / Caiden Cernius Signature
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Fit Misfit 14 Inch Bike (2023)
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$566.00 USD

Some key features of 14-inch BMX bikes include:

Smaller frame: The frame of a 14-inch BMX bike is smaller and more compact than an adult BMX bike, making it easier for young ones to handle and maneuver.

Low standover height: 14-inch BMX bikes have a lower standover height than adult BMX bikes, which makes it easier for kids to reach the ground with their feet.

Light as a feather: 14-inch BMX bikes are typically made from lightweight materials, which makes them easy for kids to handle and maneuver.

Built tough: 14-inch BMX bikes that we stock here at LUXBMX in Brisbane, Australia are built to withstand the rigours of BMX riding, which can be hard on gear. They're usually made from robust materials that are built to last.

Geared towards kids: 14-inch BMX bikes are designed specifically for kids, taking into account their body proportions and riding abilities, this makes them a great option for young ones who want to start riding BMX.

Safety first: 14-inch BMX bikes are designed with safety in mind, and sometimes come with features such as BMX coaster brakes or a shorter reach BMX brake lever which are easy for kids to use.

BMX bikes require regular maintenance and check-ups to ensure they're in good working condition, so come and see us at the best BMX shop. And don't forget, safety is important, make sure your little ones are wearing appropriate gear such as a BMX Certified helmet, elbow/knee pads, BMX Shin Pads and even BMX gloves when they're riding to keep them safe and sound.