BMX Helmets Buyers Guides

BMX Helmets Buyers Guides

Protect Your Noggins!

As you could imagine BMX riders have their fair share of crashes, bark off and shin bashes, but nothing shakes you up quite as much as a head knock. When it comes to BMX safety LUXBMX take it pretty seriously and offer the largest range of the latest certified helmets to keep your noggin from hitting the pavement. Boasting the best brands and carrying a huge range of colors LUXBMX has everything you need when it comes to picking the perfect helmet for you! 



Helmet sizing is standardized across all brands to ensure ease for customers. The table below shows the sizes respectively. Extra-small  below 20" 51cm Small 20"–21.75" 51cm–55cm Medium 21.75"–23.25" 55cm–59cm Large 23.25"–24.75" 59cm–63cm Extra large above 24.75" 63cm



BMX riders come in all different shapes and sizes and subsequently, the leading BMX brands have adapted to fit these wonderful brains, keeping riders safe and BMX sick! Most helmet brands will come with a slightly different cut or style, where most BMX helmets offer a more fuller cut helmet then the traditional cycling helmet. This more bucket-style helmet ensures more of the skull is covered and a tighter fit achieved. When choosing a helmet it is important that the...


Certified Helmets

When talking about helmets the term certified ensures the type of helmet. Certified meaning it is able to withstand a certain “safe” amount of force. Certified helmets offer more protection since they use a hard foam that compresses when under stress. Non-certified helmets do not have a hard foam inner shell and therefore offer less protection since the head will only be protected by the soft foam padding and the outer helmet shell. All helmets sold legally in Australia require...



Can you put a price on your head? Just kidding, but seriously these life-saving crowns start at the low, low price of $39.95 for an entry model certified helmet. However, if you’re really trying to look after yourself, you’re looking at spending up to as much as $300. Can you really put a price on your safety though?All the boring stuff aside, before considering a helmet that’s right for you remember to ask your local bike shop for any help...