A black bmx bike parked on a concrete path next to a corrugated metal wall, with a "no entry" sign in the background.


Wethepeople BMX began making its mark on history almost 15 years ago. Designing the first rough drawings of their frames and forks around the same time as the world started to see BMX in a different light, a time when rails were first grinded and the possibility that riding the streets was in fact the true way forward. To achieve their aims, Wethepeople knows exactly how to deploy their strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the BMX industry.

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Wethepeople Prodigy Handlebar
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$159.99 AUD

Wethepeople Audio 22 Inch Forks
Sale priceFrom

$309.99 AUD

Wethepeople Pivotal Seat Post (300mm)
Sale priceFrom

$79.99 AUD

Wethepeople Hybrid Pawl And Spring Kit
Sale priceFrom

$29.99 AUD

Wethepeople Logic 20 Inch Rim
Sale priceFrom

$149.99 AUD

Wethepeople Team Seat (Dan Banks)
Sale priceFrom

$74.99 AUD

Wethepeople Trigger Frame
Sale priceFrom

$679.99 AUD

Wethepeople Trust 20 Inch Freecoaster Bike
Sale priceFrom

$1,399.99 AUD

Wethepeople Activate Tyre (100 PSI)
Sale priceFrom

$69.99 AUD

Save $4.00
A black and blue threaded Wethepeople Apex Crank Bolt on a white background, suitable for Royal V3 or flush bolts.
Wethepeople Apex Crank Bolt
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$19.99 AUD

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$23.99 AUD

Wethepeople Hybrid Hub
Sale priceFrom

$269.99 AUD

Wethepeople Sinus 20 Inch BMX Bike
Sale priceFrom

$1,349.99 AUD

Wethepeople Justice 20 BMX Bike
Sale priceFrom

$1,099.99 AUD

Wethepeople CRS 20 BMX Bike
Sale priceFrom

$949.99 AUD

Wethepeople CRS FC 20 BMX Bike
Sale priceFrom

$999.99 AUD

Wethepeople 20 inch Envy Carbonic LTD Bike
Sale priceFrom

$2,499.99 AUD

Wethepeople Thrillseeker 20 Inch Bike
Sale priceFrom

$799.99 AUD

Wethepeople Key Wedge Bar Ends
Sale priceFrom

$15.99 AUD

Wethepeople Helix Front Hub
Sale price$99.99 AUD
Save $40.00
Wethepeople Battleship Forks / Matte Dusk Blue / 15mm Wethepeople Battleship Forks / Chrome / 15mm
Wethepeople Battleship Forks
Sale price From

$249.99 AUD

Regular price

$290.99 AUD

Wethepeople Patron Bar
Sale price$119.99 AUD
Wethepeople WTP Bike Co Cap
Sale priceFrom

$49.99 AUD

Wethepeople Versus 20 Inch BMX Bike
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$1,269.99 AUD

Today Wethepeople produces a wide range of BMX products including an amazing range of complete BMX bikes.

The company is known for its high-quality BMX bikes and parts, as well as its unique and iconic graphics.

WTP offers a wide range of BMX bikes, including complete bikes, frames, forks, handlebars, and cranks. They are especially known for their signature pro model bikes, which are designed in collaboration with some of the top BMX riders in the world.

The company is also known for its high-quality BMX parts such as sprockets, pedals, and hubs. They offer a wide range of products, from entry-level to pro-level, to suit all levels of riders.

We The People is considered one of the most reputable and respected BMX brands in the world, and their products are used by many top riders and teams. The company is well-known for its dedication to quality and attention to detail, and for its commitment to supporting the BMX community through events and sponsorship.


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Founded in 1996 in Cologne, Germany, We The People was established by Klaus Dyba and Harry Schmidt. The company continues to embody the principles set by its founders, prioritizing functionality and quality. Today, We The People is dedicated to producing the highest quality complete BMX bicycles available.

If you have any more questions about be sure to get in touch via the Help & Support button in the bottom right. Our team of BMX experts would love to help!