Every time you spend a single dollar (AUD$) online or in-store or refer one of your friends to make their first purchase, you'll receive LUX BUX on your account. The total LUX BUX earnt can vary by item, by promotions or other factors.

1 LUX BUX = 1 dollar (AUD$).

You can accumulate LUX BUX over time and spend a portion of them or all at once whenever you're ready.
Promotions will also be run regularly to receive bonus LUX BUX on particular items.

What is CLUB LUX?

CLUB LUX is the exclusive LUXBMX Loyalty Program. When you're a member of CLUB LUX, not only do you earn real dollars to spend with every purchase, you also become part of an exclusive crew giving you early access to sale events, the latest BMX content and the comfort of knowing that you'll always be first to hear about anything going on behind the scenes of LUX. We may even have some member only, not for sale items in the works...

Who can join?

Anyone can join CLUB LUX. You can either create an account above or you'll be automatically added once you place an order. Once you have an account you'll be earning points, including on your first order!

How long do LUX BUX points last?

LUX BUX last for one year from date of purchase or referral. You can collect them over time and use them as you like!


What is CLUB LUX Mates Rates?

Earn extra LUX BUX by sharing the love and referring your friends and family to LUXBMX. Share your unique referral link (found at the bottom left of the screen) and your friend will get 5% off of their first LUXBMX order and you'll get 5% of the value back as LUX BUX.

These rates are a limited time introductory offer so get sharing!




The fine print:

Fraud and Exploitation Prevention: Participation in the CLUB LUX program requires adherence to all program rules and regulations. Any fraudulent activity or exploitation of the program, including but not limited to, unauthorized acquisition or use of points or benefits, will result in immediate revocation of all accumulated points. Further, such actions may lead to legal consequences in accordance with applicable laws.

Non-Transferability of Points: CLUB LUX points are personal to the account holder and cannot be transferred to another individual. Sharing or transferring your loyalty card or points to others is strictly prohibited and may result in forfeiture of accrued points and membership suspension or termination.

Points Not Exchangeable for Cash: Points earned in the CLUB LUX program are not redeemable for cash and have no cash value. They can only be used for rewards and benefits as outlined in the program.

Redemption Limits: To ensure fair access to rewards for all our CLUB LUX members, redemption of points is subject to certain limits. Members can redeem rewards once per store visit and a maximum of three times within a calendar month. These limits are subject to review and may be adjusted by LUXBMX at our discretion.

By participating in the CLUB LUX program, members agree to these terms and conditions. LUXBMX reserves the right to modify, restrict, suspend, or terminate the program at any time without prior notice.