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Cult Devotion 20 Inch Bike (2022)
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$1,199.99 AUD

Cult Juvi 16 Inch Bike
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$799.99 AUD

Cult Juvi 14 Inch Bike
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$779.99 AUD

Cult Juvi 12 Inch Bike
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$759.99 AUD

Cult Devotion 26 Inch Bike
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$1,199.99 AUD

Cult Control 20 Inch Bike
Sale price$1,049.00 AUD

In addition to being Australia’s biggest and best BMX bike shop, the staff at LUXBMX take pride in providing the best service in the game, unrivalled, down to earth and honest. With an 18-strong crew boasting a combined 350 years of BMX experience, the team at LUXBMX live and breathe BMX Australia.

You might be bursting with excitement to get outside and enjoy this beautiful brown land, hit top speed on the BMX track, challenge yourself to learn the latest trick or see your little one learn new skills. We’ve got you covered! From tiny 12 inch bikes, to 29 inch bikes to get you back into BMX, and everything in between. With a massive range of over 15,000 BMX bicycles, parts and accessories from over 200 of the most trusted and innovative BMX brands from across Australia and the globe, LUXBMX can provide for all your BMX needs.

LUXBMX stocks complete bikes in all categories. With improvements in technology and a customer demand for quality, the integrity of complete bikes has vastly improved over the last decade. These days, you can buy an off-the-shelf complete bike that reflects your favourite BMX professionals personal bike. Whether you want premium quality or something more moderate, we want to help you find yourself immersed in the BMX community.

With the biggest range of BMX bikes Australia wide and an authentic commitment to meet our customers needs, LUXBMX has positioned itself as the leading BMX bike shop in Australia, while also existing as a global force through our premium BMX shop online. LUXBMX offers the best available options within all categories including BMX bikes, balance bikes, retro & vintage bikes as well as big wheel, race and pump track bikes. No matter your budget, skill level or platform, LUXBMX would be honoured to meet your BMX cycle needs.

We also specialise in sourcing hard to find items and have access to a selection of premium freestyle brands such as Kink, Wethepeople and S&M, optimum performance race brands such as Chase, Meybo and DK as well as a vintage range from Skyway - the original BMX brand! Buy a BMX bicycle from LUXBMX and you will be exposed to a whole new world of the toughest and most stylish bikes and parts available including complete bikes, frames, bars and everything in between.

Don’t forget that LUXBMX offers a selection of bikes, parts and accessories which have been cleared for sale. We’re constantly updating our range which means the sale page of our BMX shop online is equally refreshed with both quality and affordable selections.

Need help to buy BMX bikes? Check out our BMX Buyers Guide if you are still unsure about what bike is best for you. BMX Australia, LUXBMX has you covered!


Frequently Asked Questions About BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are good for a range of different reasons, and in our view, all are for very positive purposes. Above all, riding a BMX bicycle is a way to enjoy yourself and the world around you, quite often with a group of friends, family or by yourself. Additionally, BMX bikes are a great, eco-friendly substitute for a private vehicle, a way to engage in exercise and improve your health. Lastly, BMX bikes can act as a medium to pursue a passion or a hobby which can grow into something much more fulfilling. Oh, and BMX bikes are a killer way to satisfy your deep need for speed!

BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross. This is reflective of the emergence of BMX in the late 60s / early 70s on the west coast of America, which was inspired by the shape and style of off road motorbikes.

BMX bikes are designed for a specific purpose, to explore your surroundings be it a race track, an off-road trail, a set of dirt jumps, a skatepark or the street more generally. For most of these purposes, tricks are involved, as well as short & sharp bursts of speed. As such, BMX bikes differ from regular bikes through having a single gear, a low frame, generally 20 inch wheels and no suspension. BMX bikes are often lighter and less expensive than regular bikes - however this may vary depending on your situation.

BMX bikes can be ridden on the road, as long as you are following the relevant road rules and practicing safety with other road users. LUXBMX also recommends ensuring your bike is complete with accessories and parts to make sure your journey is as safe as possible, including lights, reflectors, a helmet on your noggin’ as well as functioning brakes. It may also pay to understand the type of tyres you run as this will have a differing impact depending on your style.

BMX bikes are self-powered in that the more energy you put into pedalling, the more speed you will generate. This means that you are in control of how fast you and your BMX bike can go! Different styles of bikes will have different speeds, with other variances depending on where you are riding your BMX bike i.e. a race track will often bring about faster speeds than a skate plaza. It may also pay to maintain your BMX bike in a good condition as this will help keep the speeds to a maximum, for example, lube in your drive chain, aligning your wheels and adjusting your brakes so there is no friction.

BMX bikes are self-powered and built to withstand tough conditions. As such, the length of your distance is ultimately up to you. However, BMX bikes are tailored to be ridden on off-road surfaces, to execute stunts and reach high speeds on race tracks. Generally these platforms don’t involve long distances like a road, mountain or commuter bike. There are ways to adjust your BMX bike to better suit long distance riding, such as lengthening your setup, increasing your seat height and applying a suitable gear ratio for the journey.

There is a huge range of different styles and sizes of BMX bikes, so it’s important to make the right choice for you to make sure you get the most out of your BMX experience. offers a really handy BMX buyers guide to help you on your journey, based around your skill level, your height and weight and finally, your budget.

There is a BMX bicycle for everyone, including the beginners. You may be learning to ride a bike for the first time, as a young fella or in your senior years. No matter the situation, LUXBMX can meet your needs irrespective of skill level, budget or style of bike. The sooner you get on a BMX cycle, the quicker you will learn.

If you have any more questions about BMX Bikes be sure to get in touch via the Help & Support button in the bottom right. Our team of BMX experts would love to help!