BMX Protective Gear Buyers Guide

BMX Protective Gear Buyers Guide

Don't worry, we hate shinners too.

Protective gear for BMX riders has developed in leaps and bounds over the years but one thing has remained the same- BMX riders crash. If your starting your BMX journey today or have been riding for the good part of your life, we believe that everyone “should” wear a helmet at a bare minimum. Understanding what type of protective gear will be best for you can be a daunting task given the hundreds of options out there. This guide aims to run you through some options for padding and what each type of pad will protect. 



When choosing the perfect helmet for you, there are a few main things you should take into consideration. Firstly the size, a helmet should fit snug on your head without moving around too much, this is something we are able to help with if you come in store however if you can't see the attached sizing guide. The strap should be fit so it rest's a centimetre (or so) from your chin when done up. The next thing to take into...


Lower Body

At some point in your BMX journey, it's almost inevitable that you will get a shinner! No one likes them and that's why BMX riders have developed pads to cover you from your waist down. Whether you ride a mega ramp or a flat ledge padding can be for everyone and the level of padding really depends on how protected you would like to feel. Nowadays there are multiple companies making their own versions of bum pads, knee pads, shin pads and ankle...



Gripping the handlebars can sometimes become a problem when you start to sweat! BMX riders have been using gloves since the start of the sport in the early 80's. These days gloves are a little more slimline than the traditional more bulky motocross gloves that riders would wear back in the day. With many companies providing gloves of all kinds it's pretty easy to find a glove that fits and suits your needs. Fist hardware is one brand that have...



Like all things in BMX the more it cost's the better quality, and more technology and materials go into the product. When it comes to protective gear this is no different. Helmets can range anywhere from $39.99 all the way up to $299.99. In Australia we are lucky enough to have a standard when it comes to protecting our noggins and all the helmets that we sell have been Australian certified. That means for $39.99 you can protect yourself and get out...