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S&M Shield Wax Candle
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BSD BMXSTACY Wax / Orange / 3-Pack
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Sunday Puck Gind Wax
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Odyssey Slugger Wax
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An Eclat Zen Wax divided into black and white halves, resembling a yin-yang symbol, with embossed tree-like icons on each section and an ergonomic grip for easy handling.
Eclat Zen Wax
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Animal Bump Jump Wax
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Ledge wax is an essential tool in the world of street and freestyle BMX riding, specifically designed to enhance your grinding experience. Crafted with specialized materials, ledge wax reduces friction between your bike's metal components and the surfaces you're grinding on. By applying wax to ledges, rails, and tall curbs, you ensure a smoother glide, allowing for longer, controlled slides and grinds. This key addition to your toolkit empowers you to execute tricks with finesse and style, making even the most challenging grinds achievable.

Proper application of ledge wax is crucial. A balanced amount provides the perfect amount of slipperiness for smooth grinds without compromising control. Beginners should experiment with different amounts to find their personal preferences and strike the ideal balance between control and glide.

For freestyle BMX riders, performance parts are the gateway to pushing limits and achieving sweet tricks. Several essential performance parts can transform your bike into a high-performing freestyle machine:

Pegs: Pegs are a staple for grinding on various surfaces. Available in different lengths and materials, they offer durability and adaptability to different riding styles.

Handlebars: Choose handlebars that align with your riding preferences – wide for stability, narrow for maneuverability. Handlebars dictate control and comfort during tricks.

Forks: High-quality forks enhance stability during landings and maneuvers. Look for strong materials and different offsets to fine-tune your ride.

Tyres: Opt for tyres with an appropriate tread pattern and width. Tyres impact grip, traction, and handling, ensuring optimal performance for different riding environments.

Brakes: While some prefer brakeless setups, reliable brakes and components are vital for safety and controlled stops in various scenarios.

By integrating these performance parts, you create a freestyle BMX bike that resonates with your riding style and aspirations. The marriage of ledge wax for seamless grinds and well-chosen performance parts for enhanced maneuverability guarantees an exhilarating freestyle BMX journey.