BMX Crank Buyers Guide

BMX Crank Buyers Guide

What to look out for when your buying BMX cranks

Buying BMX cranks for your bike is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. With so many different options on the market buying new cranks be confusing at times, different lengths, spline drive, bolt drive, 1, 2 or 3 pieces and a plethora of companies making cranks in all different colours this guide is aimed to help you make a decision on your next set of cranks.  


Crank Length

Just like Riders, cranks come in all different shapes and sizes, the average size of BMX crank is 170mm -175mm, with most complete bikes coming with this size as standard. Shorter cranks 160mm-165mm offer a shorter rotational distance and therefore enable the rider to spin faster, (similar to spinning around on an office chair and pulling your arms in). Shorter cranks also make it easier to hop higher since your feet are closer together on the bike. (try jumping with...


Two or Three Piece

Your cranks can come in 1, 2 or 3 pieces however here at LUXBMX unless you really want a one-piece crank we don't stock them. Due to their durability and strength, two and three-piece cranks are far more common in BMX. Installation of 2 and 3 piece cranks is also far more straightforward than a 1 piece crank. Over the years companies have played with different designs but for the most part, cranks are similar in how they work.


Material and Warranty

Cranks are predominantly made from 4130 Cromo, however some brands offer alloy cranks which are usually beefier to accommodate for strength. Most Cromo cranks will be heatreated to increase durability and strength with some brands will offer a lifetime warranty against cracking and bending. If this is something you think might happen to you then finding out which brands offer warranties could be useful.



When choosing a set of cranks for your BMX bike, the price will most probably be the ultimate factor in what you end up with. If your budget is endless then choosing the best of the best isn't a bad idea since cranks are one of those items that tend to last on your bike. Since most BMX riders prioritise fun over money several BMX companies have accommodated and made some bomb-proof cranks that won't break the bank!