LUXBMX: The Weekender 001

The video content bunker at the LUXBMX store has not seen the light of day for most of 2023, with the staff going hell for leather producing digital media for our beloved audience. Perhaps in 2024, the team will be let out to take in the beautiful Brisbane air, or perhaps there will be even more biking that needs to be documented and elegantly produced so that I can write about it and you can enjoy such content. 

I joke, I joke. LUXBMX takes industrial relations seriously and does not condone the mistreatment of workers, unless you're easily manipulated. Again, I joke. 

Seriously though - more biking content emerges, this time in the form of a new series, called 'The Weekender', the first version titled 001 and featuring the father and son due of Raph Jeroma-Williams and Will Fraser. A short project, the black and white footage details Brisbane's city streets as Raph cruises through a few lines leading into Will tick off a few tricks from the depths of his repertoire. 

I don't know what you think, but I agree with Will, couldn't have said it better, nor clearer, myself:

"I knew that everyone was going to be stoked when they saw the fireworks.. and just shout out everyone"

Oh also, while we're posting LUXBMX video content, here is another one. Take a few minutes out of your day to bathe in the sensory experience of generic lo-fi study beats overlaid with glassy smooth (and slowed) panning as chief mechanic Evan constructs a custom Tangent Rift ES20 for one of Australias fastest racers, Bodi Turner. The LUX LAB strikes again!