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The Round Up - Episode 12

Welcome to Episode 12 of the LUXBMX Round Up, where we present to you the very latest news, videos, sponsorship updates, competition/jam reports and all things awesome in the BMX world. 

It's been a minute since the last episode, what can I offer up as an excuse? Not much other than there has been bigger projects on the go, taking me away from rounding up all the various news items. Having found some time this week, we now find ourselves all the more better off with Episode 12 underway, it's an eclectic one. 

Firstly, I wanted to highlight a jam that was held a couple weeks back. Organised by Jon Mackellar, the man on a never ending quest for DIY champion status, a dude who legitimately lives the DIY lifestyle, no gimmicks, no facades. Jon boy has recently narrowed his focus towards the mysteriously named 'Egypt' DIY, with there being many an addition to the drain/train bridge including a roughly 3 foot high bank hip. The day was from all accounts, a ripper, and has returned nothing more than some long gone instagram stories. True to form, the attention of the jam was about the spirit and the passion of raw, pure BMX, not so much the immediate reward of content. However, this has made it hard to write about the jam. I was however sent through a clip that Jon's girl made of the day, being a .mov file sent over email, don't you love that. I've at least been able to add in a screenshot to give the unfamiliar viewer a rough insight into the spot/day. 

Proper grain my friends, proper grain. Jon with the table transfer to the wall, meat tray worthy

From rough as guts to the near polar opposite, we have a sleek, shiny new race build from the LUXBMX workshop. A custom BMX race setup featuring a red-wine doused Speedco expert frame supported with an array of equally polished parts from brands such as Avian, Onyx and Box BMX. This thing screams agile, looking as stiff and fast as a race bike can get. We love putting together custom builds for our customers, it's a wonderful opportunity to get creative while also meeting the tailored needs of our community. Check it out below. 

In other BMX racing news, LUXBMXs Mandurah (Western Australia) connect, Declan Mcghee, has found himself nominated for the 2023 Sam Willoughby medal. Established in 2018, the award serves to recognise a high-performing BMX racer over a 12 month period, deemed to be Australia's best - in the eyes of the ex-professional racer judges (Wade Bootes, Luke Madill and Sam Willoughby himself). The award will be announced at the annual hall of fame gala dinner going down Friday the 15 September. We will keep you posted, so good luck to Declan. Side note, the kid also just took home 2nd place in 15-16 boys cruiser at the recent BMX world championships in Glasgow, huge commendations. 

Moving to freestyle, as forecasted in a recent Journal interview with Raph Jeroma-Williams, our videographer Big Salad has been working with a bunch of the LUXBMX crew to put together a series of video projects. It would seem that a premiere is on the horizon, based around a video featuring Raph, Mitch Campbell and Will Fraser. Another premiere means only good things, keep an eye out on the Journal and LUXBMX socials for more details. In the meantime, enjoy a couple shots of the boys on recent outings. 

Boyd foreground reppin' with the illustrious Raph in tow

Will, looking like he is about to complain about something

Skipping back to the workshop, this time with a freestyle build and a hard to describe background colour, we have ourselevs a new, custom BSD 'Safari' build for the hog, Jake Norris. Again, I am struggling to describe that colour, maybe a good thing? Anyway, it's beautiful, very much reminiscent of a modern street biking setup and programmed to do lots of difficult grinds with an ease and simplicity. 

Speaking of Norris, and in fact the catalyst for a new build, kid is about to head over to Hastings, England for the 2023 Battle of Hastings. Invited to be apart of Boyd Hilder's stacked team, the trio of Jake, Boyd and Josh Dove are all on their way (if not there already) to represent LUXBMX, work on various video projects and party with the rest of the BMX industry. For more detail on this event, take a read of a recent interview we posted with the boys to get the lowdown prior to the event. Check out that line-up!

Moving on and lastly, the content crew continue their bike check video series, this time with ex-employee and contortionist Sean Gardner, showcasing his Cult 'Walsh' frame with almost exclusively Cult parts. Dude does well to concisely and infomatively break down his setup without there being an inclination to become bored, which tends to happen watching some bike check videos. Well done dudes.  


That's a wrap.