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The Round Up - Episode 5


Welcome to Episode 5 of the LUXBMX Weekly Round Up, where we present to you the very latest news, videos, sponsorship updates, competition/jam reports and all things awesome in the BMX world. 

Excuse the absence since Epis
ode 4 back in early December, the lead-up to XMAS is a bit nuts. This does mean that there is a tonne of stuff to report on and you just know that the crew have been busy, so read on!


- Check out the full range of LUXBMX apparel here. 


First off the bat, the first drop of LUXBMX 2023 apparel is sitting pretty up on the online store right now. Designed in-house, you can now get your hands on one of the killer new t-shirts and help support the LUXBMX community. This is now our 13th year in operation, built on relentless passion and support for the community that supports us - copping some LUXBMX apparel will go a long way to keeping us alive and representing how rad BMX is. On top of this, the media boys have been putting in work to curate a short clip showcasing the range, check out warehouse boss Kane in action, here. 


-  Like our Fortitude Valley store, we're transforming our Woolloongabba showroom to be a destination for BMX riders. 


Speaking of the warehouse, there are a few important changes happening in-store, including new weekday opening hours of 9:30-5:30 giving you an extra half-hour in the morning. The store will continue to remain closed on Sunday & Monday with Saturday opening hours remaining at 10:00-3:00. Further, the boys are currently on the tools extending the showroom and work-shop areas. The aim is to improve the customer experience in providing more space for our community to feel comfortable and enjoy the LUXBMX experience. 


- The 2022 Dig Book, have you ever seen a sequence on the cover of a BMX magazine?


Should you find yourself lounging in-store, why not pick yourself up the 2022 DIG Book from DIGBMX - available online here. Spoiling the reader with over 200 pages of quality BMX content, the 2022 DIG Book features interviews with today’s most exciting pros, reports from different scenes around the world as well as insights into some of the crews influencing the direction of BMX in the modern age. To top it off, the Fast & Loose boys have a 7 page spread showcasing their latest roadtrip shenanigans, including LUXBMXs own Josh Dove and Cody Pollard. 


- Meezy giving it to the LUX sub-box in the deep end  


Another rider getting some well-deserved shine time is Brisbane’s Mitchell ‘Meezy’ Campbell, a long time supporter of the scene and LUXBMX flow personnel. We are super proud to announce that Mitch has now linked a deal with Wethepeople through our friends at BMX International. Wethepeople have a stacked crew of international riders and consistently produce some of the best bikes on offer, so hopefully this means that Mitch gets the support to continue biking and perhaps see more of the dude putting in work. You may remember seeing Mitch feature in LUXBMXs winning entry in the Vans ‘The Circle’ competition, take a look here


- The latest build out of the LUXLAB, an absolutely pristine Wethepeople Paradox 


While we’re on the topic of Wethepeople, the LUXLAB have been once again honing their craft in piecing together one of the most dialled bikes imaginable. Based around an abyss green 2022 Wethepeople ‘Paradox’ frame, this custom build is a dream come true for the modern freestyle rider with all the modern advances, lifetime guarantee and premium Eclat accessories. The build is up on the LUXBMX online store, view here


- Fabian Bader going to battle at the infamous Botanical Gardens ledge in Brisbane 


Lastly, and something that will be given more attention in the next episode of The Round Up is LUXBMXs Raph Jeroma Williams winding his way down the east coast of Australia on a roadtrip with his German sidekick Fabian Bader. The duo have been taking in the sights and experiences of the Australian summer, currently winding things up in Melbourne. As a teaser, take a look here at this short clip of Fabi literally destroying himself at Brisbane’s botanical gardens spot, pieced together by in-house media executive Troy Charlesworth. 


More to come next time - stay alert.