Sealed VS Loose Ball Bearings

The next consideration to make when choosing a set of pedals for your bike is will they be sealed or loose ball bearing. Since the early 2000’s BMX riders have had a choice of pedals being sealed or loose ball. This refers to the type of bearing, that the pedal uses to spin freely. Sealed ball bearings offer a more solid design since the bearings are enclosed in a metal case. Loose ball bearing systems are cheaper but offer a less superior pedal design. The flaw with loose ball bearing systems in BMX pedals is that they require more constant maintenance to handle the abuse of BMX riding. Sealed ball bearings have a longer life however they are more expensive and because of this loose ball bearing has become the industry standard for the majority of leading BMX brands opting for a loose ball bearing system. With pedals being so replaceable nowadays, (Plastic pedals) it makes sense for companies to use loose ball bearing if they are going to have a 2-3 month life span. However, if you’re looking for a more long term pedal, sealed bearing systems work smooth and last longer, however, the price does replicate the quality of these pedals with some sealed pedal systems costing a much as $170.