Animal X T1 Ursa Tyre (Each) / Ursa Major 20x2.4

Animal X Terrible One Ursa Tyre (Each)

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Animal X T1 Ursa Tyre (Each) / Ursa Major 20x2.4

Animal X Terrible One Ursa Tyre (Each) / Black / 2.4 Inch

Sale price$64.99 AUD


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When 2 of the most highly respected brands in BMX get together to create a product you know it's going to be good.
The Animal x T1 Ursa Minor and Ursa Major tyres have a dual compound tread with a harder wearing centre bead for lower rolling resistance and a softer, sticker compound on the sides for better/grippier cornering control.
Available in:
20x2.2 Ursa Minor
20x2.4 Ursa Major
Here is more from Joe Rich @ Terrible One ""We are very stoked to have tires starting to show up in all parts of the world. I did however want to share a few thoughts about their width and how they are sized, as it differs a bit from what we are used to. BMX has a sizing system that everyone is familiar with. 2.1"", 2.2"", 2.3"", 2.4"", 2.5""... These are all numbers we associate with the width of tires. However, due to the shape of our tires, there is a bit of difference to this, even though the overall width corresponds with those numbers. The goal with these tires was for them to grip like a beast. And with that in mind, came both the dual compound rubber, as well as the shape we designated the profile of the tire to have. What we came up with creates more of a ""lip"" at the outer edge of the tire, and that lip plays a big role with how well they grip. However, the lip sits right in the area where your tire needs to clear the frame/fork. So it's possible that you may have to run a narrower tire by number, than you usually would. As far as T-1 frames go, they roughly have 2.52 inches of clearance in the back with the tire slammed. So the 2.4"" is a bit too big to run in the back comfortably, as it's actually 2.44"" wide when it's fully inflated. So 8 hundredths of an inch doesn't allow for much room on the sides. The 2.2"" however fits perfectly. I have included an image to help explain the area I am talking about. The dotted blue line shows the profile of a more commonly found tire profile. You can see the difference that the lip on our tires create. But once again, it was for the purpose of grip. Some other frames have plenty of clearance to fit both sized tires, but I just wanted to mention this, so if you run a 2.4"" tire in the back usually, double check your frame's clearance in this area first. Thanks for taking the time to read this! ""
- Joe

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