Beringer Elite Crankset  / Black / 177.5mm

Beringer Elite Crankset

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Beringer Elite Crankset  / Black / 177.5mm

Beringer Elite Crankset / Black / 177.5mm

Sale price$585.00 USD


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Beringer Elite Crankset  / Black / 177.5mm

Beringer Elite Crankset / Black / 172.5mm

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Hand crafted and manufactured in France, the Beringer Elite Crankset is the perfect answer for the Pro rider rider looking for a set of cranks that can handle the stresses that Olympic era BMX athletes place upon race equipment. Out of the gate, there are a lot of forces put through a BMX race bike, with the the crank arms and spindle taking their fare share of the load and failure in any part of the drivetrain can prove catastrophic for the rider.  These hollow forged Elite cranks are CNC'd from 6082 aluminium, which has the highest strength properties of the 6000 series of metals, and run an integrated spindle made of steel, sporting a diameter of 24 mm. Meaning that the likelihood of snapping a crank arm is very unlikely. Beringer back themselves with a 2 year product warranty (under normal racing conditions) 

These Beringer 104 BCD four bolts cranksets have rapidly established themselves as a favourite of European riders and LUXBMX is excited to offer them to the Australian BMX race market. Over the past few years, we've built a number of custom Pro BMX race bikes in the, so we are stoked that a company like Beringer has stepped up to provide such a quality product that is matched to the level of bikes that we build for our customers, without compromising the drivetrain strength.



  • 170mm / 620g
  • 172.5mm / 635g
  • 175mm / 650g
  • 177.5mm / 665g
  • 180mm / 680g


  • 104 BCD four bolts cranks
  • Chainline: 42.5 - 43.5mm
  • Q-factor: 167mm

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