A black bicycle frame with a Fairdale Adjust-a-rack handlebar.
A Fairdale Adjust-a-rack bicycle rack with a label, simple to install.

Fairdale Adjust-a-rack

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A black bicycle frame with a Fairdale Adjust-a-rack handlebar.

Fairdale Adjust-a-rack / Black / -

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Adjust A Rack
The Fairdale Adjust-A-Rack is a new take on the rear cargo rack. The rack is designed to be extremely easy to install. Fold the legs out, bolt them on to the bike and use the sliding adjustment to level the top of the rack. Unlike many other racks the Adjust-A-Rack requires not cutting or tedious resizing to make it fit. Use any standard pannier bags with your Adjust-A-Rack or Skaterack.

The Adjust-A-Rack is made to fit bikes that have rack mounts on the frame (like Fairdales or many other brands). It can also be adapted to even more uses through alternative set up options.

- Easy to Install
- Universal fit for most bikes with rack mounts
- Use with standard pannier bags
- Use with Fairdale Skaterack
- Maximum load capacity 25 kgs

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