Fuse Omega Elbow Pads / L-XL

Fuse Omega Elbow Pads

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Fuse Omega Elbow Pads / L-XL

Fuse Omega Elbow Pads / Black / L-XL

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The Fuse Omega Elbow pads feature incredibly light weight and extremely breathable design for uncompromised performance; NEW super light SAS-TEC Insert; Reinforced super tough design for longevity; Compression technology, with printed Kenesio bands to combat fatigue and muscle failure; Sharkskin gripper on the top and bottom and inside to hold the pad in place and prevent slip Pad Material: Kevlar front section with breathable perforated compression Lycra and Š—“dry-fitin mesh on the rear Protection: SAS-TEC lightweight inserts with extreme impact absorption properties

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