New LUXBMX Apparel - Behind the Range

- Mikey 


When Mitch and Ev called me up and offered me a job at LUX, I was stoked. Jumping ship to work with close friends at a company that is truly in it for the right reasons was a no-brainer. Now that I'm back working in the BMX industry, I'm asked at least a few times a week if I'm bringing back my old brand, AFRAY, to which I answer - maybe. The truth is, I'm harnessing my passion for streetwear and bringing that same energy to the LUXBMX ranges of apparel, so keep your eyes peeled, cop some, and support those who pour back into the Australian BMX scene. 

Here's a little run-through of the second drop of apparel I've worked on for LUX. 


- The "Classic Logo" T-Shirt, or as we call it around the office, the "Flag". 


When people ask me about starting an apparel brand, my first piece of advice is, don't do it unless you want to sink all of your time, energy and money into the most crowded market on earth - it's a tough gig. My second piece of advice is, get the basics right first. Crawl before you can walk. To kick off 2023, we've done just that, putting together a tight range of tee's our community and team riders can enjoy while flying the flag. 


- The "Embrace the Journey" T-Shirt. Artwork by Sam Stewart. 


The best part about putting together ranges of apparel is working with friends and making their concepts come to life. Mitch, who many of you know as one of the founders of LUX, is passionate about embracing the journey of life and BMX (LUX regulars may be familiar with previous Embrace the Journey designs). One night we were both working late in the office and chatting about a concept that shows a group of friends road-tripping, hanging out of a bike-strapped car, and embracing the journey - so we did just that. Collaborating with long-term friend, BMX rider and local artist - Sam Stewart, we illustrated an epic 6-colour design to print on a premium quality, butter-coloured t-shirt. 


- The "Whistle" 6-colour Screenprinted T-Shirt. 


I'm a hoarder of inspiration, with folders full of apparel designs on my laptop. Sitting next to my brother Troy, AKA Biggie B, we're always sending each other photos, videos, artwork, apparel designs and whatever else inspires us. While I was putting this range together, he sent me a graphic of a cartoon character wearing a little cap, leading to the idea of morphing the LUX logo into a character. Again, we worked on another 6-colour logo flip design with Sam. In LUX We Trust. 


- The Heavyweight "Limited Lines" T-Shirts, available in Black and Cypress Green. 


Personally, I'm a big fan of boxier, heavyweight t-shirts with minimalistic branding, and wanted to bring a high-quality embroidered logo tee into the range. The "Limited Lines" products you'll see released over time are just that, a range within a range of extremely limited-edition products. When I say limited, I mean within 5 minutes of putting these shirts online, we'd sold through some sizes. If you see a Limited Lines product you want to get your hands on, don't sleep. 


- The "Race Logo" T-Shirt. 


Our in-house race guru and all round-top bloke (if you ask him), Bruce Morris, has been nagging me about getting a race tee into the range, and I couldn't agree more. This was a simple one for me, the original LUX race logo is solid and looks great screen printed. For the racers out there, we've opted for a more form-fitting, mid-weight tee. 


- The "Roses" T-Shirt 


We're constantly being asked about the most popular selling item from our last range, the now sold-out Roses hoodie, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to offer our community a T-Shirt version of the design. 


- Laundry Night | A LUXBMX movie by Biggie and Mitch. 


Of course, the media crew got behind this drop and produced another movie to let the community know. Biggie had a vision and executed it as always. You have to watch this one.

Head over to the LUXBMX Apparel page and pick up some T's before they're ghost. 


In case you missed it, check out the video from our previous drop.