Get loose at one of Australia's hundreds of legendary skateparks and Racetracks! Send us a clip while you're there! Yewww!

We have compiled one of the most comprehensive maps of skateparks across Australia so you can shred you way through this great southern land. We have undoubtably missed a fair few so shoot us an email if you see some missing!



Heading out on road trips with mates to hit up Australia's best parks is something that never gets old. It's been a while since I have had a sick weekend away! It's all about freedom, exploration, travel, friendship and just having a solid blast on two wheels.

Cruising down the open road, Australia's landscapes unfold and change as we traverse the countryside. We're not just chasing ramps and rails; we're soaking in the sights, hitting up small towns, grabbing some local sausage rolls and catching some of the epic views that make this country so rad.

With the crew in tow, it's non-stop banter and vibes. We swap clips from past sessions and hype each other up for what's next all while blaring the tunes- because when you are in town, the windows are down my brother! It's not just about the destination; every pit stop and detour adds to the adventure, from quirky roadside spots to legendary parks.

Travelling in BMX is all about pushing our limits and soaking up new experiences. Each park, no matter how big or how small, brings its own challenges and vibes. We learn from the locals, hang with the community, and soak in the unique culture of each spot. By riding a variety of parks you will notice your style change and your list of tricks and bike control blow up.

But it's not just about the tricks and the terrain. It's about the freedom to explore and connect, whether we're busting out moves in the city or finding hidden gems off the beaten path. Riding BMX teaches us resilience and the thrill of nailing a tough trick or conquering a sketchy line.

So, as you roll through Australia, keep chasing those clips, share your stoke with mates, and soak in every moment of freedom and fun that BMX and travel bring. Because in the end, it's all about the joy of the ride and the memories you make along the way.

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