Take a look inside the LUXBMX Workshop


- Ev and Tim working in tandem to ensure your BMX's are running smoothly.

While we take great pride in offering the best user experience through our online store, our physical shop front and workshop here in Brisbane are the heartbeats of the LUXBMX operation.

Evan (aka Esto), one of the founders and head mechanic here at LUX, has just reached an amazing milestone - working 25 years in bike stores (predominantly focusing on his passion, BMX). We thought this would be a great time to highlight some of the services we offer in the LUXBMX Workshop, from essential basic BMX servicing, custom machine works, full custom builds and everything in between!

Read on. 

Evan in his zone, the LUXBMX wheel stand. 


One of the central points of any BMX bike, freestyle or race, are the wheelsets. With Ev having over 25 years of experience building wheels, whether you’re looking for a set of new hubs, replacing a few spokes, or building a lighter, more durable wheel set-up, you’re in good hands. At LUXBMX, we cut and forge spoke threads in-store, allowing us to offer a more tailored spoke length, producing a much stronger wheel build. 


Smoothly fitting a custom Race BMX build with a set of Bottom Bracket bearings. 

Custom BMX Builds:

While we offer premium, ready-to-shred complete BMX Bikes straight out of the box, one of our favourite services is offering complete custom BMX Builds. We work closely with our customers to ensure each build is individual and tailored to the customer’s specific brief, budget and vision. Let us help (we love this!) guide you through the process of selecting the frame, parts and styling options in order to build your dream bike, ensuring it has the most suitable geometry and specifications to suit your riding style. We can also machine parts to make your bike even more individual, read on. 


Evan using the in-house lathe, ensuring the top fork cap of our latest custom build fits completely flush with the stem. 

In-house machining:

We don’t stop at the basics! At LUXBMX, we offer full in-house machining, modifying or crafting completely custom componentry to elevate your bike. Whether it be cutting down and threading through bolts for race hubs, or creating custom bottom bracket spacing in order to achieve perfect chain alignment, we’ve got you covered. 

This is just a small selection of the workshop services we are able to complete here in the LUXBMX workshop. Reach out to us anytime on 1300 LUX BMX, help@luxbmx.com.au, or visit us in-store at 1 Burke St, Woolloongabba, QLD. We're here to help you through whatever stage of the BMX journey you're at. 


Check out Episode 2 of "What's Happenin" to see Ev in action. More episodes are available via the LUXBMX YouTube channel.