What's Happenin' at LUXBMX - Episode 3

Round 3 baby.

With the first and second episodes of the new 'What's Happenin' at LUXBMX' series having recently been actioned, we're now gifted the third episode. This is starting to be a consistent feature from the crew and something to look forward to in getting the behind the scenes of the LUXBMX operation. 

Click play to catch a quality chunk of LUXBMX atmosphere, heavy with Evan related content this week, not a surprise given how much he yearns for the spotlight. Can't help himself ol' Ev! For real though, it's pretty cool to see the breadth of machines that Evan works on (from classic/retro machine to new freestyle build to servicing of a race rig), also cool to know that the OG LUXBMX co-owner is the guy who builds and maintains the bikes that come in and out of the shop. We don't mess with no trade assistant at LUXBMX, the best of the best working on your bike to give you the premium mechanical offering. 

This episode is also great in getting to see the variety of faces that come through, being Boyd Hilder fresh from X Games silver, Josh Dove after having spent a big chunk of time overseas with the Fast & Loose crew as well as crowd favourite, Jon 'Termite' Mackellar. Who knew Termite had a 93 hiace with that dope boy fresh paint job. You do now because of this here video! 

Other highlights include a series of tidbits:

- Mikey from e-commerce fame, makes an appearance

- Bruce is outed as a basement dweller and proponent of lunch gate 2023

- Mitch's cowboy name is 'Beasty The Kid'

- R Willy rides a carbon rim with titanium spokes, which is nuts for someone who rides like he does.

Once again, shouts to Big Salad for the gift of fresh content. Let's keep our fingers crossed for another episode next week!