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What's Happenin' at LUXBMX - Episode 1

Have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes at LUXBMX? Having been there many times myself, I've got a pretty good idea. I would say however, as a younger fella, getting an insight into what goes on at your favourite bike shop would have been all time. From my point of view, I love getting a different perspective, a more personalised take on the people and places that shape your BMX experience. You start to build a connection, which then helps to create a more intimate relationship, it's satisfying stuff. 

Hopefully this new project provides this for you! 

So, press play and spend 11 minutes getting to know the LUXBMX crew and what it's like on a regular day at LUX HQ. We're afforded the joy of Evan doing masculine things while his offsider Mitch takes advantage of such skills, Kane realising the store has surpassed 150,000+ orders, Bigs on a lunch mission, Will being a general serf and then our team rider Ryan Rostirolla working on a new TMPRD build. 

The quality is supreme, the energy is high, the commentary is second to none, get amongst it!


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