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What's Happenin' at LUXBMX - Episode 6

Episode 6 of our new video series where you get the inside take on the LUXBMX operation and the people who keep the machine running. 

This one felt a little different, it's unique in that it spans a broader perspective than a day at the shop. The video follows a bunch of the crew as they enjoy the Australian BMX Hall of Fame (HOF) awards night, a recent premiere (which you will hear more about in later posts) and miscellaneous snippets of the more regular occurrences for a day at LUXBMX. On the HOF awards, awesome to see Big Salad in front of the camera conducting some hard hitting interviews, as well as some footage of the great Clint Millar receiving his award and induction to the Australian BMX HOF. 

Back at the shop, Will nails a Boyd Hilder impersonation, Tim shovels some food and Evan is in the workshop putting together a gorgeous GT Pro Freestyle Tour Model, with parts supplied by the customer. 

This was honestly super enjoyable to watch, with a production value you might not expect from a regular video series. Well done crew.