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On Sunday the 17th of September LUXBMX hosted not one but three new videos put together by Troy “Big Salad TV” Charlesworth. Featuring three of LUXBMX’s team riders Raph Jeroma Williams, Will Fraser and Mitch Campbell. The trio have been out filming with Troy for the past year and the result was what we have all come to expect when he gets behind the camera. 

Will Fraser downwhip. Photo By Adam Cox

The afternoon kicked off at 4pm with a good group of dudes that were all here for one thing, to watch some sick BMX movies! I don't know about you but there is something special watching a video that was made in your home city, recognising the spots, knowing the riders and hearing the screams at the premiere is a feeling that's irreplaceable to me. 

Raph’s part played first with a classic feeling brought to life by the warming intro and accompanied by the dudes effortless style. The song was the icing on the cake and it was a perfect way to kick off what was to come. Next up was Will Fraser's part. I have been working next to Will for the past year and I had an idea of what was going to be in this part. However, after seeing it I can say that he really stepped it up for this edit! The kids that showed up for the premiere seemed to be stoked and the baggy ¾ jean shorts were heavily on display.

Finally, to close out the afternoon we had the pleasure of seeing what Troy and Mitch Campbell had been working on and they did not disappoint. I have not ridden with Mitch heaps over the years so seeing what he does when he’s pushing himself is always a treat. The g-turn on the bank spot near LUXBMX was a real stand-out to me. Of course, Troy packaged everything up perfectly and even bought an entourage to the premiere.

Look forward to more exclusive premieres at the shop and for Mitch's section to drop this Saturday! Raph and Wills part are currently playing over on the channel so head over there and check them out!