Boyd Hilder - X Games Asia Gold Medallist

Hot off the press, like legitimately scorching hot, is news out of Japan that the BMX Street contest has just wrapped up and the gold medal has gone to none other than LUXBMX pro Boyd Hilder.

Boyd has been on the LUXBMX roster for 7 years now and is a truly committed and important part of our pro team. Starting off racing in the regional QLD town of Bundaberg, Boyd has gradually honed his craft to become one of the worlds most elite BMX street riders, as evidenced by his incredible runs at the 2023 Asian X Games BMX Street contest. 

Boyd is more than a LUXBMX pro rider, he is a good bloke, a genuine friend to the LUXBMX crew and someone well deserving of such an incredible achievement. For his first time competing in an X Games BMX Street contest, and for putting together the astonishingly wild and consistent riding that got him the highest points, Boyd, we salute you!

Boyd Hilder moments into an X Games victory, support crew in tow

For evidence of Boyd's insane runs, check out the full X Games BMX Street video below. Remarkably, Boyd was first cab off the rank and from the start, held the top position. Backing up a run more dialled than a call centre, the kids second run went even further, adding in a tailwhip off the tightly executed wallride gap, a switch hang to bar and not looking even remotely close to dropping a foot, let alone crashing. 

Boyds winning run starts at 18.55.