What's Good? Brodie Butterfield x 'Mutiny - Let's Get Mystical' Reading Brisbane BMX - WTP X LUX 'Ride Everything Oz' 3 minutes Next King Of BNE 2023

Hyped on Brisbane BMX!

After the recent King of BNE 2023, I'm stoked on BMX and particularly stoked on BMX in Brisbane. It's the centre of our scene here in South East Queensland and something we should be proud of and motivated to put energy into growing. The crew here at LUXBMX know this and look to practice what is preached. 

You may have noticed that the LUXBMX Facebook is now teetering under the pressure of endless photos from last Sunday's King of BNE, of which you can view here and here.  

Before I go further, quick note that there will be a post in the near future around the King of BNE, including the official video as well as a photo feature from Mitch Morison and Brok Overell - both Sunshine Coast based photographers and semi-decent guys. 

Anyway, where am I going with this one? On the subject of the illustrious, the glorious, the gatdamn benevolent Brisbane BMX scene, we look back to a previous moment in time where we find another celebration which presents that all encompassing atmosphere. I may do this more regularly as it pays to salute the days of olde, the days which in combination, have amassed to concoct the modern aspect.  

So, we find ourselves journeying back to 2014, to a jam at The Gap skatepark in Brisbane's north west. This day was hosted by LUXBMX and if memory serves, may have been a 'BMX day' related event. You've got some great moments in this, Yonny with the roller backflip, Vetacon flairing to flat to the pride of the crowd (of which includes many a Fairfield local), Ev on BBQ duties, a mexican wave for Justy's hip lookback, Luke Comino with a clip, Mitch Wood with a clip, it goes on. And all of this as a beautiful golden afternoon unravels. 

The video was put together by another Brisbane BMX OG, Jack Birtles. Not having much to do with BMX these days (as far as I understand), it is cool to see the dude taking off with video/production work in other circles. For an example of some recent output, take a look at this video clip

Anyway, the aim is that this video will continue the excitement around bikes in Brisbane and perhaps is a first time watch. I certainly haven't eyeballed this, probably since it came out. 

Enjoy my friends.